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Insights redesign sprint San Francisco: Day 4

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Despite being held on a Saturday, more than 15 dedicated Drupalers showed up for Day 4 of the San Francisco redesign sprint. Here’s what was achieved.

Josh Koenig:

  • Made a “token” contribution. (Get it? Tokens.)
  • Developed a UI for setting up activity logging (the following/tracking utility see on the Dashboard).
  • Worked on a cross-site delivery system across the * infrastructure.

David Strauss:

  • Built the sever-side components for activity reporting and logging.
  • Built a microformat-based facet system for activity reporting.
  • Finished the single sign-on system for all * properties.

Chris Bryant:

  • Developed content and site architecture maps comparing the structure to what we think Mark Boulton is suggesting in his prototypes.
  • Reviewed the list of Dashboard widget and where they will appear throughout the site.
  • Mapped features needed to implement project-related functionality.

Mark Burdett:

  • Worked on the project browsing form.
  • Developed some tools for tracking and displaying CVS statistics.

Derek Wright:

  • Delegated tasks to other developers.
  • Reviewed several patches.
  • Fixed some project UI problems.

Neil Drumm:

  • Deleted more code than he added. (Nice.)
  • Worked on the “Add to Dashboard” links for widgets.
  • General UI/UX work for adding widgets to the Dashboard.
  • Figure out how cross-site widgets will work across *
  • Ordered pizza. (Nice.)

Károly Négyesi (chx):

  • Worked on a new parser for the API module. His work will eventually allow commenting on

Dmitri Gaskin:

  • Build the jQuery-powered map on the front page.
  • Started work on remote Dashboard widgets.

Jerad Bitner:

  • Worked on the jQuery side of the Dashboard.
  • Recruited Nate Haug to help.

Courtney Miller:

  • Changed drop-down search form CSS to properly style the checkboxes after they were changed from radio buttons. She also made room for the “Popular Searches” feature in that form.
  • Worked on the user picture feature.
  • Fixed formatting and grid layout of user profiles.
  • Created logic to place section titles as non-header text while styling them to appear like elements.
  • Documented her side of the comment titles debate.
  • Added styling of book navigation menus.

Erik Hopp:

  • Fixed $links styling for nodes.
  • Consolidated CSS.
  • Fixed the Views administration interface.
  • Added node type classes to node output.
  • Fixed styling of the “Develop with Drupal” block on the front page.
  • Researching styling of the Project module. Later, he will propose a new, more maintainable markup style.
  • Improved accessibility of navigation tabs.
  • Improved skip links.

Todd Nienkerk (that’s me!):

  • Created graphical elements for the world map on the front page.
  • Mapped all colors from the prototypes into a master color palette.
  • Created color palette for status, error, and help messages.
  • Added comments support to the Permalink module. The module now adds an anchored permalink for each comment.
  • Created comps for documentation pages. I still need to style classes for good versus bad examples of code, style, language, etc.

Thanks to the omniscient Kieran Lal for posting these earlier San Francisco sprint updates:

Kieran enjoys fine food, wine, and dispensing knowledge of San Francisco’s microclimates and underground economies. In his spare time, he works tirelessly to build momentum for the redesign.

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