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Elia recommends: Portlandia edition

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With Taylor and Caris on a client visit in Portland this week it seems that the Web Chefs just can’t stay away from the Pine State these days. Whether for work or play it’s always one of our favorite cities to visit and explore (so much good food! moss on all the things! birds on all the things!). For this recent trip I put together a custom map of some of my favorite eats, drinks, and places to help them along in their quest for deliciousness and, in Taylor’s case, photo opportunities. Don’t miss out on the ones below, check out the rest on the map, and be sure to share your favorite Portland hot spots with me!
##Pok Pok
Thai food, but like no Thai food you’ve ever had. Get there early to beat the crowds and you’ll be more impressed than your date, which is no small feat. Buy the drinking vinegars as gifts for all your friends and be the most popular kid in town.
##Cool Moon Ice Cream
Located in the hip and trendy Pearl District just a short walk from world-famous Powell’s bookstore. All the flavors I’ve tried are excellent, but the Kulfi stands out like no other. On my last Portland trip I went back for seconds and very nearly had to go back for thirds.
##Lan Su Chinese Garden
A botanical garden and architectural delight rolled into one, the Chinese Garden takes up an entire square city block. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported across the world and your Instagram followers will delight in the best images you’ve ever shared.
##Powell’s City of Books
“An independent bookstore that fills a whole city block with more than a million new, used, and out of print books.” Yeah, no joke. I didn’t think I could be impressed by a bookstore. Oh boy, was I wrong. Head to the top floor to visit the Rare Book Room, then check out the extensive collection in your favorite section. Treat yourself to a used book or four and a Powell’s tote bag with, fittingly, a bird on it.