Four Kitchens

Four Kitchens celebrates their 8th year anniversary

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Back in 2006, there were only four of us working out of a cheap apartment in Southeast Austin. Half of us were still in school. We had only a few hundred dollars in the bank, and we were making WordPress and MediaWiki sites for free to build our portfolio. Our first paid gig was a $300 blog that took us two weeks to fully design, build, and deploy.

Today, there are 21 of us in six cities, four timezones, and two countries. We’ve built some of the biggest websites in the world. We’ve directly contributed to — and in many cases, led — the growth of dozens of open-source projects, responsive design principles, agile methodologies, backend and frontend performance standards, and progressive management practices. We punch WAY above our weight, and our reputation for quality, service, style, and a values-driven culture is known worldwide.

Today, we celebrate eight years of kicking serious ass. None of this would have been possible without each and everyone of our wonderful Web Chefs.

Photo credits: foryoudesigns