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Four Kitchens at SANDCamp 2015

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Four Kitchens is coming to San Diego next week for another great year at SANDcamp! And we are making a big splash at this year’s camp with a total of six sessions and a revamped training on responsive web design. The Austin team is all super excited to dip our toes in the sand, plus, we are psyched we get to see Matt, our resident San Diego native, and Jon, the other half of west coast 4K. Come join us for Drupal by the beach and share some open-source fun times!

Web Chef training

Responsive Web Design and Theming with Sass, Compass, and Singularity
Taylor Smith and Patrick Coffey
Responsive Web Design is on everyone’s mind at the moment and for good reason. The old techniques we have used to create pixel perfect sites for desktop audiences have already become a thing of the past as mobile usage accelerates. This session will explore the latest tools, techniques, and best practices of frontend development for responsive design, including Sass (a CSS preprocessor), Compass (a Sass framework), and Singularity (a new kind of grid system which offers incredible flexibility). These tools can ease much of the hard work related to building truly awesome responsive websites. Register now to learn with the Web Chefs!

Web Chef sessions

Headless Drupal Reference Implementation: Lessons Learned
Mike Minecki and Matt Grill
We’ll show you how we designed and engineered a HATEOAS compliant API using Drupal 7, the awesome RESTful module, and a node.js client to interact with it. We’ll dig into this reference implementation and validate which best practices make things easier for the API Clients, and which ones are just hype.

Building and Deploying Drupal with Gulp and Docker
Matt Grill and Patrick Coffey
This presentation will give you an overview of a Gulp based workflow to build your Drupal projects and create remote testing environments with Docker. Additionally, this workflow will provide you with automatic checking of coding and style standards for both PHP and JavaScript. After this session you’ll gain a deeper understanding of creating your own Gulp workflows, Docker and more easily maintainable Drupal builds.

Intro to Singularity Grid System

Taylor Smith
Singularity lets you toss out your old, stodgy grid system and create a system of columns and gutters that actually works with your content, allowing different layouts at different breakpoints, a visual order that isn’t tied to your source order, and no more terrible class names. Singularity is a Sass plugin which can be used on any Sass/Compass project and frees you from needing to use a grid-specific theme for your Drupal site.

Extracting Data from Drupal Entities Without Dying Inside
Patrick Coffey
Drupal is doing a great job of managing and organizing your content, but your content doesn’t have to end at Drupal’s front door; how do we get all of that juicy, structured data out of Drupal and into other websites, mobile apps, or other data stores?

Have you ever had to extract data from Drupal Entities? If so, I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that it can be a painful process. This session presents a solution for distilling Drupal Entities into human-readable documents that can be easily consumed by other modules and services, like MongoDB, Redis, or even Google Spreadsheets. It will also demonstrate how a modular, organized method of data extraction can be used to build headless Drupal websites, and reactive Drupal interfaces.

Auditing Drupal Sites for Performance, Content and Optimal Configuration
Jon Peck
Nobody likes a slow site, and Drupal can be notoriously sluggish if you’re not careful. With the right configuration and platform, any site can be blazingly fast – but where to start? Enter site_audit, a collection of drush commands for statically analyzing Drupal 7 sites for best practices and optimal configuration. Join the developer for an in-depth discussion of how to analyze and optimize your site, and discover how to extend the platform with your own checks!

The Great Consolidation – Entertainment Weekly Migration Case Study
Jon Peck, Matt Grill, Patrick Coffey, the digital site for Entertainment Weekly and a top entertainment news site, is in the final stages of migrating from Vignette 6 CMS and 10 different WordPress blogs to a single unified platform built on Drupal 7. Join the primary Four Kitchens engineers on the project as we discuss the process, starting with discovery all the way through launch preparation.

Let us know what you’re excited to learn and do at SANDcamp this year!