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Our website has been featured on, home of the 960 grid system! This is quite an honor, as we’re big fans of grid-based design — especially — and have begun implementing its principles and techniques in virtually every project.

To see grid-based design in action, go to and click the “show grid” button above the screenshot.

Note that every region on the page is contained neatly within the overlaid columns. The understated simplicity of the layout and the remarkably trim CSS used to achieve it are at the core of grid-based design.

Last month, I presented sessions at DrupalCamps in Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Stockholm on Drupal theming using You can download the slide deck on our presentations page.

In a few weeks, creator Nathan Smith and I will co-present a session on accelerated grid theming using NineSixty, the Drupal port of, at Drupal Design Camp Boston.

Thanks to Nathan Smith for featuring us. I’d also like to thank Joon Park, whose NineSixty theme has made major strides towards improving the functionality of grid-based design. (The Four Kitchens theme is a subtheme of NineSixty.)