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It’s a crafty day in the Kitchen!

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Four Kitchens recently celebrated Halloween with a craft lunch. Apparently we missed the memo on costumes, but we had no shortage of fun creating our own papel picado banners. Papel picado, “perforated paper”, is a hand cut Mexican folk art that results in beautiful tissue paper designs. Each team member chose a short phrase or word pairing for their design template which I created using Adobe Illustrator. Then we spent our team lunch cutting out tiny pieces of paper with Xacto knives! EEK! Luckily the office didn’t turn into a horror movie set and everyone kept their fingers. Here’s what we created and why we chose our phrase!


“Elia chose mine for me, but it is perfect because Chihuahuas are the best.” – Caris


“Because fast websites make happy users. Duh.” – Chris


“Roshambo rules. It is not superior, no, I mean, this is the applicable one.”- David


“I’m always amused by my fellow Web Chefs’ reactions when I tell them to sudo bang bang (sudo !!) rather than retype the last command — you can almost feel minds being blown.” – Elliott

“Socially Good is my wife’s new consultancy business handling PR and social media for non-profits. It’s social. It’s good. (It’s also a play on her name: Lisa Goodgame.)” – Paul


“My son loves wearing dresses and Halloween is his BIG opportunity to shine. This year he went as Katniss Everdeen in the Fire Dress (with an Arduino controlled wearable led circuit in the skirt), so boys and dresses are on my mind. And Boys Like Dresses, whether they are wearing them or appreciating someone else’s.” – Suzy

“THE SHRDDR: Because fast guitar solos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and tearing up tires at the race track!” – Vivek

If you’re interested in making your own papel picado then check out this great tutorial at the Etsy blog!