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Preparing Four Kitchens for the next ten years

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We’re very excited to announce some big changes at Four Kitchens!

Team empowerment is more than providing an open vacation policy or giving everyone a professional development budget. It’s about letting your team—the team you’re happy to be a member of—do the best work they can, confident in their abilities and in the support of everyone around them. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce some big changes at Four Kitchens—positive changes that will allow us to grow, take on even bigger and more exciting projects, and provide more leadership opportunities for our team.

We’re closing our office to become an entirely distributed team.

Though more than half of the Web Chefs live in Austin, Texas, we’re letting go of our physical office space in favor of a “virtual” workplace built around collaborative tools like Slack and Zoom. This is about more than saving money on rent, it’s about creating a consistent experience across our team and allowing the Web Chefs the freedom to choose where they live. (In fact, we’re not saving money. We’re reallocating the more than $100,000 we spend each year on an office to pay for more in-person retreats and a monthly tech stipend for every Web Chef.) No one at Four Kitchens is more or less authentic a team member. If you want to find out how we’re keeping our unique company culture alive without an office, tune in to our next Sharp Ideas podcast!

We’re in the middle of the largest growth phase in our ten-year history.

In the past three months, we’ve been joined by six talented Web Chefs:

We’re also hiring new Web Chefs for five roles:

  • Drupal Backend Developers
  • Drupal Frontend Developers
  • UX Designers
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Operations Assistant

There are plenty of seats at the kitchen table. If you want to make big websites, join the Web Chefs today!

We’ve defined new roles for our leadership team.

Caris Hurd is now our Director of User Experience, focusing on growing our design and UX team, expanding our services, and improving our design process. Elia Albarran has taken over our Director of Operations position, keeping our Web Chefs on track and making sure our internal business runs smoothly. Co-Founder Aaron Stanush is now President, and I am stepping into the role of CEO. As President, Aaron will be focused on the “Three Ps”: presence, partnerships, and products. I will focus on setting long-term vision and strategy, as well as driving overall growth in services, revenue streams, and business development.

The language we use to talk about our team is important. Each and every one of us, every Web Chef, has part to play in the success and stewardship of Four Kitchens, and these changes reflect that.

Welcome to the new Four Kitchens. How can we share our expertise with you?