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Have you heard the news? That’s right, Four Kitchens is offering two great trainings at DrupalCon Barcelona! If you plan on attending the European Drupal event of the year then don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn from the Web Chefs.

Web Chef trainings at DrupalCon Barcelona

Introduction to Headless Drupal

Matt Grill and Patrick Coffey

Do you want to manage content in Drupal but use something else to deliver it to your users? Then this is the class for you.

We already know Drupal is an amazing platform for making websites, but did you know it’s also a world-class content API that can easily be integrated with a other technologies? In this class you’ll learn how to combine Drupal with Node.js, a popular technology for building highly interactive websites, to build rich digital experiences.

You will write code all day! By the end, you’ll have written your first Node.js application(s) and have integrated Node.js’s real-time wizardry into Drupal’s content management magic.

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Frontend Performance Training

Chris Ruppel and Taylor Smith

The best website is a fast website. Users are proven to be happier and more willing to spend time and money on your site when it loads fast and responds quickly to their actions. Adding performance to the ever-growing list of development responsibilities can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this full-day training we’ll cover development best practices to make your Drupal site fast, making the frontend as performant as possible. We will discuss how to set and maintain a performance budget, which helps prioritize site performance over the life of a project. We will cover the basics of workflow automation, which helps a team stick to a performance budget during development, and serves as a warning system when heavy, slow features are added to a site. Finally, we will demonstrate how many of these tools can be glued together as part of your continuous integration system, allowing performance to be tested at every step of the process, from development to deployment.

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