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Welcome to the Future of Content

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At Four Kitchens, we love great content — and we love the technology and tools that power its creation, design, and delivery. My fascination with the ideas and innovations that drive amazing content are one of the reasons I co-founded Four Kitchens.  

Those innovations are pretty exciting. So much is changing, from the ways in which we deliver content to how people use it. And so many smart people are finding new ways to build the future of content. 

That’s what our new podcast, The Future of Content, explores. We’ll talk with people from a variety of industries — from restaurants to virtual reality — to learn about the trends that are shaping how we create, experience, and share content.

Whether you’re a creator, technologist, business owner, or just someone who loves content: this podcast is for you. To get us started, we’re releasing the first four episodes simultaneously today.

Episode #1: A glimpse of the future

Last year, I gave you a quick look at some of the interesting content-related trends I foresee coming our way over the next year or so. In our inaugural episode, I explore how new technologies like machine learning and augmented reality are changing the landscape, and how some past predictions might have (barely) missed the mark.

Episode #2: Make a game of it

Guest: Four Kitchens’ own Randy Dean Oest

In our second episode, Four Kitchens Web Chef Randy Dean Oest and I talk about one of the most content-driven games in town: role-playing games (RPGs). From Dungeons and Dragons to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, these popular pastimes are powered by some intensely complex content. Randy and I discuss the importance of system reference documents (SRDs), their role (sorry) in the open-source nature of many popular games, and web-based tools for organizing gameplay.

Episode #3: Growing great content

Guest: Meredith Agrimedia and Successful Farming‘s Jessie Scott

Next, we turn our attention to agriculture. You might not think of farming as a content-heavy profession, but this episode will change your mind. Jessie Scott, Digital Strategy Director at Meredith Agrimedia, joins me to discuss how agricultural experts use content and media, as well as the types of content trends this sector is seeing. We also talk about how agricultural companies produce and deliver content directly to consumers like you and me in an attempt to influence our view of agricultural practices.

Episode #4: At your service

Guest: Restaurateur Matt Wright

In episode four, I talk with Matt Wright, co-founder of Brew and Brew, Better Half, Little Brother Bar, and the Bistro at Lark and Owl in Austin, Texas. Our conversation dives into the service industry’s use of content. As you might expect, social media is a primary content stream for this sector, but printed materials—think menus, table tents, and signage—also take a big bite out of content budgets for restaurateurs, brewers, and the like.

If you work with content, I hope you’ll join us!

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