Managing web projects is a complex and often costly undertaking, especially when your organization encompasses multiple stakeholders and subsidiaries. Separate properties must look unique but remain visually consistent. Plus, teams must be able to share resources and readily communicate to prevent bottlenecks, minimize errors, and preserve design best practices.

With an expanded feature set, the Emulsify Design System is a multi-faceted, flexible solution for your organization’s digital needs. Emulsify provides access to a centralized style guide for the building blocks of your digital projects. And, as new projects begin, teams work with robust documentation that outlines the uses for each component.

Using the efficiency of Atomic Design methodology, Emulsify streamlines digital project development. Instead of duplicating efforts, teams access a library of proven website components customizable to their needs. By also allowing your teams to test for code quality and accessibility, Emulsify frees your development to move faster, run cheaper, and introduce fewer errors.

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In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How the new Emulsify Design System builds upon its original component library capabilities and provides developers with a living style guide.
  • The speed and reliability gains that IT teams enjoy by easily reusing proven code across the organization.
  • How Emulsify minimizes the code bloat often associated with design systems and provides a customizable blank slate for your organization’s development needs.
  • The ways multi-layered organizations, such as universities and financial institutions, can allow subsidiaries to establish and maintain unique visual identities through customizing shared components.
  • How accessibility standards can be established and retained with Emulsify’s active and passive testing capabilities.
  • The considerable cuts to development and debugging costs made possible by sharing trusted components.