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The Future of Content episode 44: Innovations in content design and visual storytelling with Samantha Enslen

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The Future of Content episode 44 with Samantha Enslen

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In an increasingly content-saturated digital landscape, the ability to simplify complex ideas and present them in an engaging narrative is more valuable than ever. Samantha Enslen, President of Dragonfly Editorial, brings to light the nuances of this skill set on this week’s episode of The Future of Content. The conversation centers on transforming industry-specific jargon into accessible content, the subtleties of interviewing, and the meticulous design choices that keep readers hooked.

The episode begins with an exploration of how large corporations, despite their size, often maintain small in-house writing teams, requiring the outsourcing of content creation to specialized agencies like Dragonfly Editorial. Samantha highlights the importance of understanding the core message behind complex information, which often requires interviewing subject matter experts to extract their insights. Here, the value of silence is underscored — strategic pauses in conversation can encourage interviewees to share profound stories, revealing the human element behind technical topics.

The art of simplifying complex topics is also a focal point of the discussion. In a world where even sophisticated buyers may not be subject-matter experts, the need for clarity is paramount. Samantha points to the International Standards Organization’s guidelines for plain language as a tool for achieving this. By making sure content is accessible without being condescending, Dragonfly Editorial helps its clients convey intricate concepts in a manner that resonates with a wide audience, using approaches like the “explain like I’m 5” philosophy.

Further into the episode, the conversation shifts to the realm of content design. Here, Samantha discusses how Dragonfly Editorial balances digital and print formats, addressing the changing preferences of users. While interactive online features are appealing, they often come with high production costs and complexity. As such, the familiarity and proven effectiveness of PDFs and scrolling text remain strong. This highlights a critical point in content creation: Innovation must be balanced with methods that have staying power.

Differentiating an agency in a crowded market is no small feat. Samantha shares how Dragonfly Editorial has carved out a niche by specializing in demystifying complex content. The agency’s unique selling point has been honed through a passion for technical content and strategic industry engagement, including attending conferences and participating in industry-specific boards.

In conclusion, Samantha invites those interested in learning more about Dragonfly Editorial to reach out or visit their website. The episode not only serves as a conversation, but also as a resource for listeners eager to improve their content creation and storytelling skills. As content continues to reign supreme in the world of digital communication, understanding the principles shared by Enslen can prove to be a game-changer for marketers, writers, and communicators at large.