Four Kitchens

Continuous Care

Your competitive landscape is continually evolving

Your site should continually evolve, too. Our Continuous Care subscriptions help you maintain your site and respond to change as it happens.

Get more done

Free your team up for other things by supplementing your capacity and moving your digital strategy forward. We’ll set up a tight process that helps you maximize your subscription so we can all get more done.

Plan better

We’ll help you define priorities and to make choices to future-proof your site. Then we’ll work within your available resources so your site’s most important needs are met first.

Stop worrying

Four Kitchens’ expert team will monitor your website and keep an eye on updates so your site remains current and secure. We‘ll also be here in a pinch if you need us. Sleep well. We’ve got your back.

Ask us about Continuous Care

Continuous Care subscription plans

We’re flexible! You can move between our three plans month-to-month to calibrate the level of work that suits your needs.


Extend the life expectancy and raise the quality of your website with regular improvements over time.


Continually add and fine-tune features to your site.


Keep enhancing your most important tool and lifeline — your website — in innovative ways.

Improve Advance Innovate
Core CMS security updates *
Module/Plugin security updates *
Standard support hours 10, 15, or 20 25, 30, or 35 40, 45, or 50
Dedicated Project Manager
Site monitoring alerts
Site Health Check
Team meetings Quarterly Monthly Biweekly
Technical Audit **
Documentation repository
Dedicated Technical Strategist
Strategic Review **
Choose-Your-Own Audit ** 1
Monthly Subscription (by hours) 10 hrs: $2,995
15 hrs: $3,995
20 hrs: $4,995
25 hrs: $6,995
30 hrs: $7,995
35 hrs: $8,995
40 hrs: $10,995
45 hrs: $11,995
50 hrs: $12,995

Site must be hosted on an optimized server.
* Up to five hours per month.
** One per year.

Episcopal Relief & Development

You treat me like a human. I can come to you with a plain language description of a technical problem I’m having, and you answer in plain language. You don’t bombard me with terminology or make me feel bad because I sometimes need a simpler explanation.

—Tamara Plummer, Program Officer, US Disaster Programs