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Brendan Wu

Location: Chicago, IL

Brendan has a BFA in industrial design and a post-grad background in UX design in the medical diagnostics industry. Brendan brings a passion for executing usable and impactful design to his work. He’s also involved in the research side of design, engaging with clients early in the Discovery process to learn and establish goals for their sites, then translating those goals into design.

Whether he’s prototyping screens for websites or running user testing, he always keeps the end user in mind. His greatest joy comes from seeing a site come to life and make a positive impact in the world. Outside of work, Brendan finds time to further exercise his creativity by writing, and is currently working on a science fiction novel. He’s also interested in applying his design knowledge to providing better representation and resources for unhoused communities.

Spend enough time with Brendan and his wife and you’ll be eating lots of food, whether it’s exploring new places and cuisines or staying home and perfecting their handmade Chinese dumpling technique (just don’t call them “foodies”). He also sings, plays the guitar and piano, and has started noodling on the cajón. Need a Spotify playlist for a particular vibe? Hit him up. He’s got one for every mood.