Four Kitchens


Senior Frontend Engineerhe/him/his

Callin Mullaney

Location: Eagan, MN

Callin’s primary goal as a frontend engineer is translating designs into working, interactive pieces of the internet. He’s also responsible for building systems that allow existing designs to extend to new features without feeling out of place. Since 2017, he’s worked on both the support and build teams at Four Kitchens, designing in both WordPress and Drupal.

If translating design into code is his passion, forming lasting relationships with clients and co-workers is the fuel that drives that passion. Developing a mutual respect with someone while solving a problem together adds an extra level of fulfillment to his work and allows him to expand his own horizons. It’s in these collaborative, team-oriented environments where Callin thrives. He loves learning from people with different skill sets and perspectives, and does whatever it takes to add that extra coat of polish to a final project.

Whether he’s building PCs or gaming on them, a love of technology runs deep in Callin’s veins. He also takes regular canoeing trips along the Boundary Waters above Lake Superior and loves driving across the country to camp and hike in various national parks.