Jim Vomero

Senior Engineer

State College, PA

Senior Engineer and Drupal Evangelist

Jim is a Senior Engineer at Four Kitchens with an engineering degree from the Penn State University and a background in Project Management. He specializes in developing web architectures – translating application requirements into useful, discrete, and reusable components. With over 10 years of Drupal experience, Jim uses the framework to support all of his nerdy hobbies, including planning retro-arcade projects; sharing photos of outdoor adventures; and organizing community summer camps.

Bits and pieces

  • On my next vacation, I'm going to…

    find the best local breweries. No matter where I travel, I’m always on a mission.

  • I can't stop listening to…

    my ever-growing list of podcasts; most recently Sawbones.

  • I empower others by…

    actively seeking and sharing feedback on tasks big and small.

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