Four Kitchens


Senior Engineerhe/him/his

Jim Vomero

Location: State College, PA

Jim has been part of the Four Kitchens team since 2018, where he currently serves as senior engineer. As a tech lead, he works with clients through the full project cycle, translating their business requirements into actionable development work and working with them to find technical solutions to their challenges. As a backend developer, he writes code that powers and enhances Drupal and React web apps.

Jim enjoys being able to collaborate with his team to solve problems and build solutions for clients they didn’t know could be solved. To him and his team, success means never shying away from difficult conversations and finding solutions together; it’s also about making websites fun.

Outside of Four Kitchens, Jim runs recreational and enrichment activities designed to get kids and educators excited about the outdoors and nature-based learning. He also enjoys hiking, backpacking, woodworking, playing the guitar, brewing beer, and building video arcade machines on his Raspberry Pi.