Four Kitchens


Web Chef Emeritus

Patrick Coffey

Patrick was a Senior JavaScript/TypeScript Engineer at Four Kitchens specializing in GraphQL, large-scale APIs, and performance optimizations. Always up for a good challenge, he enjoys writing clean, creative solutions to complex problems, whether it’s building new features, fixing bugs, or refactoring code.

He loves being able to work with a group of kind, talented people he can depend on and learn from. Patrick looks for meaningful ways to give back to the development community, often contributing code through various open source projects. He’s also actively involved in the Drupal community in Austin and abroad.

Self-sufficiency is a big deal to Patrick. With power tools in hand, he spends much of his time maintaining the land he lives on and building systems that limit his reliance on public infrastructure. The day isn’t complete if he hasn’t cooked something, so he can often be found polishing his cast iron and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.