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High-Performing Websites for Higher Ed

Your website is often prospective students’ first impression of your college or university. Does your site deliver a user experience (UX) that welcomes them in — or drives them away?

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Reinventing the Public Health Paradigm Online

NYU College of Global Public Health

Boost student engagement

Choosing the right college or university can be an overwhelming decision for students. By providing an easy-to-navigate site design and clear content that aligns with common search terms, you will put your institution on their short list. Four Kitchens’ UX and Design team can show you how.

Turn analysis into action

You’ve invested in online analytics to gather data about prospective students and site visitors, but unless you turn that data into an informed strategy, it’s of little use. Four Kitchens turns information into actionable insights that can lead to more effective design and decision-making.

Streamlining Scholarly Investigation

Stanford University, Dean of Research

Get the flexibility you need

Universities are caught between enforcing brand consistency and serving content creators’ ever-changing needs. With Four Kitchens’ component-based prototyping tool, Emulsify, your website becomes your living style guide.

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