Our Process: How We Work

Four Kitchens' web development process has a flexible phased workflow that allows us to focus on what you're looking for and deliver you what you need, on time and on budget.


Discovery allows us to reach a common understanding between us and our clients.

You may think you know what problems your site has, but there’s more than one solution out there. The discovery workshop allows us to establish trust, develop empathy, talk about project goals, and begin to see what a relationship between us would be like. By focusing on the goals, we’ll find the best solutions. We will then spend some time understanding your site and its pain points, and agree upon what problems we will solve. Discovery usually involves an in-person workshop with follow-on discussions and results in a document summarizing our understanding of your needs.

Six Phase Process


How are we going to achieve success?

Every solution has its own pros and cons, and the decisions you make now will impact everything we do in the future. With usability testing, site maps, content taxonomies, and user journeys, we will learn how to get you what you want in the concrete, rather than thinking about best possible worlds in the abstract.

Discovery Phase

Design & Architecture

What will it look like? What will it do?

Your solutions live on the web, so design and architecture have to start there. With user experience stories, functionality and content audits, and migration assessment, we decide how to create your project. We practice “component thinking” and design in the browser to create your site in reusable chunks, allowing greater flexibility and a more unified design all around.

Process: Design and Architecture


Going from ideas to implementation.

We work in a modified Agile/Scrum methodology, building in two week sprints to create each section of your project. We roll out these chunks onto a test site, allowing you to see the project at every step as it develops. The build phase ends with a “feature complete” site, giving you time to put finishing touches on your content before…

Process: Build


The site goes live!

You’ve got a new website or API, it’s time to show it off to the world!

Process: Launch


We're still going to be here for you.

After launch, we transition you to our expert support team so that you get the attention you need when issues arise, and deliver minor enhancements and updates as needed.

Process: Support
Sometimes it sounds like we're speaking another language; here's a short glossary of terms to help you understand what we do and how we work.
  • Feature CompleteSometimes we're done building a site or API, but you're still not ready to let it free into the world. A feature complete site is one that is finished in all ways but for adding the content to it.
  • Scrum/AgileA methodology for managing the development of a project in iterative, deliverables-driven chunks. The Agile methodology was created for software creation and we have adapted it to support client website needs.
  • SprintA two week work iteration that produces a working chunk of your project at the end. Sprints have daily check-ins with the whole team—client included—and allow everyone to stay on the same page regarding project goals.
  • User Story"As an X, I want to Y, so I can Z" (As a customer, I want to use my credit card, so I can pay my electric bill on your site.). A user story is a small, defined story that has definite ends (acceptance criteria) to know when you're done. Stories are developed by the Project Manager and team to develop a greater understanding of the client's needs.