Cecy Correa
November 2, 2012

This post is part of our Weekly Watercooler series.

4K news this week:

We’re at BADCamp! Come find us at the following sessions!

Saturday, November 3rd
* Integrating Node.js for Real Time Awesome-sauce: 10:30 AM, Dwinelle 145
* A High-Performance Drupal Server Architecture: 2PM Dwinelle 219

Sunday, November 4th
* Advanced Frontend Performance: 11:30 AM, Valley LSB 2040
* Mini Training: Responsive Web Design with Sass + Compass: 3PM, Dwinelle 160

Sponsor Table
* Come find us at the Sponsor Area! The Sponsor Area is located on Dwinelle Hall. We have shirts, cookbooks and more! We’re also looking for a few talented folks, so if you’re looking for new work opportunities, be sure to find us.

Links around the watercooler

  • A history of Drupal logos. Someone should turn this into an infographic!
  • Videos from the BADCamp Code Developer Summit are now online. You can check out some of these videos on Livestream.
Cecy Correa
November 2, 2012
Cecy Correa is a core organizer for meetups in Austin like Refresh Austin and the local Girl Develop It chapter. She enjoys trivia pub quizzes, film festivals, and karaoke. She can be followed on Twitter @cecycorrea for the latest tech news and cutest cat photos.