Weekly Watercooler: BADCamp 2012 Edition! Nov. 3rd, 2012 Cecy Correa

Weekly Watercooler: BADCamp 2012 Edition!

November 3rd, 2012

4K news this week:

We’re at BADCamp! Come find us at the following sessions!

Saturday, November 3rd
* Integrating Node.js for Real Time Awesome-sauce: 10:30 AM, Dwinelle 145
* A High-Performance Drupal Server Architecture: 2PM Dwinelle 219

Sunday, November 4th
* Advanced Frontend Performance: 11:30 AM, Valley LSB 2040
* Mini Training: Responsive Web Design with Sass + Compass: 3PM, Dwinelle 160

Sponsor Table
* Come find us at the Sponsor Area! The Sponsor Area is located on Dwinelle Hall. We have shirts, cookbooks and more! We’re also looking for a few talented folks, so if you’re looking for new work opportunities, be sure to find us.

Links around the watercooler

  • A history of Drupal logos. Someone should turn this into an infographic!
  • Videos from the BADCamp Code Developer Summit are now online. You can check out some of these videos on Livestream.