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How Continuous Care outperforms ‘support’ to serve your organization

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No matter the size of your organization, managing a website on your own is a challenging, neverending effort. Today’s sites incorporate multiple complex components and systems. A single missed technical connection on one side of your system generates all sorts of issues on the other.

This responsibility is especially difficult if you work in higher education or at a nonprofit. Whether your site is managed by communications or IT, your teams are already stretched too thin with their responsibilities. Who has time to plan a software update or investigate a dragging website when you’re swamped with deadlines?

Even if you have an idea of what your site needs, having a set of experienced hands to take website issues off your plate makes a world of difference. That’s why even those who know how to change their oil drive to the mechanic for an oil change. You get faster, more streamlined results by leaving the work to the professionals.

And that’s why agencies like ours offer support and maintenance programs to organizations like yours. But unlike a lot of agencies, we prefer to go a step further with a program we call Continuous Care.

The meaning of Continuous Care and how it works

Fundamentally, our approach to Continuous Care at Four Kitchens is derived from two core values: “Take Action” and “Always Improve.” In all our projects, we work to proactively identify opportunities, solve problems, and search for a better way. With those ideals in mind, “support” really is an inadequate term for the kind of service we offer.

One of the many benefits of the merger with Advomatic has been applying the strengths of the agency’s Continuous Care program to Four Kitchens’ similarly structured service. With our shared experience and expertise, we now offer industry-leading support that allows organizations to see transformational benefits from their website.

When you sign up for a support plan with most development agencies, you’re ultimately paying for someone to answer the phone (or respond to an email) when something breaks. And when issues like platform updates arise, you can rely on your support team to handle regular maintenance.

Naturally, our plan includes support for bug fixes, upgrades, and site issues. But through forward-thinking recommendations, Continuous Care provides you with more of a strategic partner.

How Continuous Care serves your organization’s goals

A website is your organization’s most powerful tool for marketing and communications. Continuous Care ensures it continues to serve your audience while we collaborate with you on a plan for how it can better serve your organization.

Wherever your website needs to go, we can create a roadmap that will get you there—in a way that works for your budget. Continuous Care provides proactive support in the following ways:

Outlines technical details in ways your organization will understand

With Continuous Care, you gain a collaborator in setting goals for your site. Your big-picture perspective about your organization’s needs is matched with the technical expertise to get your website on track. Our program includes two layers: A project manager and a technical strategist.

Both serve as major points of contact between our agency and your organization. While the role of a project manager is more familiar, a technical strategist is similar in spirit to the “tech lead” who communicates with the developers working on your project. But the strategist also gathers the information we need to identify and anticipate website issues. Then we can create a plan for future development.

Technical strategists play a vital role in guiding you and your team through website enhancements. If you’re managing your organization’s website but maybe less familiar with its technical demands, your strategist will offer clear, easy-to-understand choices for how to resolve any issues that arise.

When you’re presented with multiple potential solutions and all of their pros and cons, you’re more empowered as a site manager. Plus, with a team handling the technical details, you’re free to focus on the other important work on your calendar.

Frees IT and marketing teams from finding solutions to site problems

Gaining a support team through Continuous Care enables you to attend more to your website’s goals rather than searching for the right solutions for its issues. In fact, we work best when you don’t come to Four Kitchens with specific ideas about the functionality or features your site needs. Don’t worry about solving your problems for us—just tell us what your organization is trying to do.

Rather than investing time and energy to pursue a solution you or someone on your team may have in mind, we’d rather tap into what issues you need to resolve. The question isn’t completely technical.

What is happening in your organization that’s shifting your digital needs? 

Do you have new executive leadership? 

Has your website strategy changed? 

With questions like these in mind, the discussion of your website and what you need becomes more focused.

For example, the pandemic placed new website demands on all kinds of organizations, and many had the same issues. We were able to use insights from our clients’ shared experiences to get ahead of those needs for others. Not only did these conversations help resolve problems in the near term, but they also placed site managers ahead of the curve.

When you’re working with a website partner who thinks proactively, you can better identify the problems behind your current issues. And better still, you can more quickly identify and address the problems that lie ahead.

Continuous Care keeps your organization on track for the future

Part of what makes websites so complex to manage is their dynamic nature. And the technology that supports your site isn’t just evolving and moving forward—your organization is, too. With a Continuous Care plan, your organization gains a clear set of priorities for what’s ahead. That way, wherever your site needs to go next remains within reach.

At Four Kitchens, we can audit your existing site at any stage of its lifecycle. Whether your site launched a few months ago or a few years ago, it remains a work in progress. Even if your organization is dedicated to an issue that’s dominating the news cycle and you’re in crisis mode, the right partner will ensure your site continues to serve your mission and your audience.

If this sounds like the kind of comprehensive and collaborative support that you need, we should talk. We’ll work with you on a plan that will take your site where it needs to be.