Cecy Correa
December 21, 2012

This post is part of our Weekly Watercooler series.

4K news this week:

  • Aaron Stanush and Todd Nienkerk recently attended Shop Talk 2, a conference for “bosspeople.” Aaron wrote a great Trip Report here, documenting his experience and learnings. Thanks a bunch to Happy Cog for putting on an amazing retreat and getting my bosses out of the office — I mean, getting them so inspired.
  • Elliott had an amazing week! His Taxonomy Orphanage module was featured on Lullabot’s Module Monday, plus he wrote an awesome post about yet another module he wrote called img64, a module that allows you to encode Base64 images using Node.js. Check it out!
  • In yet another awesome week of content from the Web Chefs, Ian Carrico shows us how to build Custom Panel Panes in Drupal.

Links around the watercooler:

  • An awesome HTML5 / Parallax webcomic. No scrolling needed!
  • Put a bird on it! How to implement pushState for Twitter.com.
  • Take a look at some of the world’s coolest offices (according to a Facebook contest). My favorite is the one that uses airstream trailers as conference rooms.
  • This awesome Google Analytics video shows you how bad web practices work in real life. Could be a great way to explain the importance of SEO, good UX and Information Architecture.
  • Austin Agency T-3 made this awesome Holiday video using stop-motion animation and a 3D Makerbot Replicator. Definitely envious of that Makerbot!

The Web Chefs are signing off for the Holidays. We’ll see you all in 2013!

Photo credit: carriestephens on Flickr.

Cecy Correa
December 21, 2012
Cecy Correa is a core organizer for meetups in Austin like Refresh Austin and the local Girl Develop It chapter. She enjoys trivia pub quizzes, film festivals, and karaoke. She can be followed on Twitter @cecycorrea for the latest tech news and cutest cat photos.