Weekly Watercooler: Holiday 2012 Edition Dec. 21st, 2012 Cecy Correa

Weekly Watercooler: Holiday 2012 Edition

December 21st, 2012

4K news this week:

  • Aaron Stanush and Todd Nienkerk recently attended Shop Talk 2, a conference for “bosspeople.” Aaron wrote a great Trip Report here, documenting his experience and learnings. Thanks a bunch to Happy Cog for putting on an amazing retreat and getting my bosses out of the office — I mean, getting them so inspired.
  • Elliott had an amazing week! His Taxonomy Orphanage module was featured on Lullabot’s Module Monday, plus he wrote an awesome post about yet another module he wrote called img64, a module that allows you to encode Base64 images using Node.js. Check it out!
  • In yet another awesome week of content from the Web Chefs, Ian Carrico shows us how to build Custom Panel Panes in Drupal.

Links around the watercooler:

  • An awesome HTML5 / Parallax webcomic. No scrolling needed!
  • Put a bird on it! How to implement pushState for Twitter.com.
  • Take a look at some of the world’s coolest offices (according to a Facebook contest). My favorite is the one that uses airstream trailers as conference rooms.
  • This awesome Google Analytics video shows you how bad web practices work in real life. Could be a great way to explain the importance of SEO, good UX and Information Architecture.
  • Austin Agency T-3 made this awesome Holiday video using stop-motion animation and a 3D Makerbot Replicator. Definitely envious of that Makerbot!

The Web Chefs are signing off for the Holidays. We’ll see you all in 2013!

Photo credit: carriestephens on Flickr.