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Ithaca College Website nominated for Webby Awards

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Out of the millions of sites, videos, ads, and apps in existence — and the 13,000 that were submitted to win a Webby this year — Ithaca College, Four Kitchens, and Beyond have been nominated for 23rd Annual Webby Awards for the update to Ithaca’s website.

As a Webby Nominee, our work has been singled out as one of the five best in the world in its category (and among the top 10% of all work entered) and is competing for the Internet’s two most coveted awards: The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award. While The Webby Award is chosen by the Academy, The Webby People’s Voice Award is voted on by the public. Both Awards are a mark of international distinction for Internet excellence. Below you will find details on how to launch your Webby People’s Voice campaign and promote your achievement to your organization, clients, and the public.

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Here’s the part where you can participate: we need your votes to win The Webby People’s Voice Award.

  1. Visit this short link:
  2. Select “Ithaca College Website/Four Kitchens”
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Congratulations, team!

A well-deserved round of kudos goes to the team. As a Team Augmentation project, the success of this project was made possible by the dedicated work and commitment to excellence from the Ithaca College project team. The leadership provided by Dave Cameron as Ithaca Product Manager, Eric Woods as Ithaca Technical Lead and Architect, and John White as Ithaca Dev for all things legacy system related was crucial in the project’s success. Ithaca College’s Katherine Malcuria, Senior Digital User Interface Designer,  led the creation of design elements for the website.

Katherine Malcuria, Senior Digital User Interface Designer, works on design elements of the website

Ithaca Dev Michael Sprague, former Web Chef David Diers, Architect,  as well as former Web Chef Chris Ruppel, Frontend Engineer, also stepped in for various periods of time on the project.  At the tail end of the project Web Chef, Brian Lewis, introduced a new baby Web Chef to the world, therefore the amazing Randy Oest, Senior Designer and Frontend Engineer, stepped in to assist in pushing this to the finish line from a front-end dev perspective. James Todd, Engineer, pitched in as ‘jack of all trades’ connoisseur helping out where needed.

The Four Kitchens Team Augmentation team for the Ithaca College project was led by Brandy Jackson, Technical Project Manager, playing the roles of project manager, scrum master, and product owner interchangeably as needed. Joel Travieso, Senior Drupal Engineer, was the technical lead, backend developer, and technical architect. Brian Lewis, Frontend Engineer, meticulously worked magic in implementing intricate design elements that were provided by the Ithaca College design team, as well a 3rd party design firm, Beyond, at different parts of the project.

A final round of kudos goes out to the larger Ithaca project team, from content, to devOps, to quality assurance, there are too many to name. A successful project would not have been possible without their collective efforts as well.

The success of the Ithaca College Website is a great example of excellent team unity and collaboration across multiple avenues. These coordinated efforts are a true example of the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work.” Congratulations to all for a job well done!