Technology & Development

We’re a full service shop using modern web application technologies to build scalable solutions for your needs.

Four Kitchens has unparalleled experience building some of the world’s largest and most demanding websites, including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, and World Pulse. We have been brought on to provide performance consulting and team augmentation for high-traffic, enterprise sites such as,, and Volusion.

Web Development

Our code is responsive, tested, and maintainable.

We’re world-class experts in custom Drupal development, WordPress development, custom PHP development, and API design and implementation. We’re leading the pack in using Node.js and JavaScript at the cutting edge of interactional technology. Our team’s deep pursuit of quality also drives DevOps innovations such as the Aquifer build tool, improvements to Node.js, Sass, Aurora, Drupal performance, and Ansible.

Four Kitchens designs your site to be fully responsive. Responsive design is about more than just resizing your website to fit onto a phone—mobile-optimized websites must accommodate all possible screen sizes and load fast in order to accommodate for mobile connectivity issues that may arise. Four Kitchens specializes in building highly performant mobile websites, meaning that not only will your site adapt and resize to fit any device, but it will do so at lightning-fast speeds.


Out of the old and onto the new!

Four Kitchens has handled some of the Drupal world’s largest migrations for clients such as People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Economist, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). We are known for our ability to work with large amounts of data and content in ways that are highly performant, scalable, and SEO-friendly.

Custom Drupal

We are experts at building flexible and robust content management solutions using Drupal and WordPress

Four Kitchens has a long history of contribution to frontend and Drupal communities. We built Pressflow, a high-performance distribution of Drupal that deeply informed many improvements to Drupal 7 from Drupal 6. Our development processes and tools work together to increase both code sustainability and value. Our backend and frontend teams share a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and methodology of Drupal code and modules that results in sustainable and idiomatic custom code.

In the Drupal 8 development cycle, we have been involved with a number of important initiatives including the Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative and the  Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative. We also maintain a large number of frontend- and performance-related modules including Magic, Modernizr, Fastclick, and many others. Our developers regularly create or collaborate on contributed modules for Drupal, present at Drupal camps and global conferences, and discuss Drupal topics in forums and channels.

JavaScript on Devices

Coding on the cutting edge.

We build fast, rugged, modular JavaScript applications that consume a variety of editorial, audio, and video content on a wide range of platforms: Smart TVs (Samsung Tizen, Roku, AppleTV, and more), Internet of Things devices (Alexa, Xbox), mobile devices with React Native (iOS, Android), and web browsers. By using cutting-edge software stacks and focusing on code reusability and test coverage, we’re able to quickly iterate on these applications at a fantastic pace—once the first application has been built, we have the building blocks to jump into new platforms, tailoring the user experience to new devices.

Team Augmentation

Sometimes you need just a little extra.

We can even augment your existing team with one of our expert Web Chefs. Our team members will bring their expertise to your organization through short- or long-term augmentation engagements. We work alongside your developers and business teams to provide expertise in coding Node.js, PHP, Drupal, and JavaScript. We provide expert frontend engineering, DevOps, software architecture, and performance tuning. We have also assisted our clients in cultivating internal expertise, consulting on new team hires, and performing technical and organizational audits.

Sometimes it sounds like we're speaking another language; here's a short glossary of terms to help you understand what we do and how we work.
  • ArchitectureWebsite architecture is as much a Design process as it is Development. We have to decide how we're going to make your site, what tools we're going to use, how we're going to build it, and how we'll get it user-ready on time and on budget.
  • Design in the BrowserAn iterative approach to designing responsive websites that builds features and functionality in a web browser rather than building additional wireframes and/or comps. Our frontend engineers can serve in a primary design capacity, so you can be confident the frontend engineer on your project will bring a nuanced design sensibility to their work.
  • DrupalAn open-source content management framework distributed under a free GNU Public license, now on Drupal 8. Four Kitchens has specialized in building sites with Drupal and providing Drupal support to clients for over ten years.
  • Feature CompleteSometimes we're done building a site or API, but you're still not ready to let it free into the world. A feature complete site is one that is finished in all ways but for adding the content to it.
  • MigrationA way of mapping and moving the stuff on your old site onto your new site, a website migration plan and checklist will make the project run smoothly.. Think of it like moving into a new house: some stuff is kept, some stuff is trashed, and some stuff will be need to be bought anew. But your content isn't a couch— because business has to continue, there will be a time when you're living in both houses at once, so you need a partner who understands migration and will keep your site in sync.