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Together at last: Four Kitchens has merged with Advomatic

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I’m thrilled to share some big news: We have merged with Advomatic!

Four Kitchens and Advomatic have merged

A longtime force for good in the Drupal community, Advomatic specializes in working with mission-driven organizations and higher education institutions. These sectors have always been an important part of our work at Four Kitchens, but the addition of Advomatic’s impressive portfolio is an incredible opportunity for our combined teams to significantly expand our impact. We are so excited to do more work with advocacy, women’s rights, and social justice organizations.

Extending our nonprofit work and impact

Merging with Advomatic signals our strategic move into the nonprofit sector. We’re no strangers to working with nonprofits, but that portion of our business hasn’t been as prominent as our work with media and higher ed. This is an exciting and deliberate step toward establishing nonprofits as a core vertical

Since Advomatic’s founding in 2004, they have served social justice organizations, labor unions, and teams committed to advocacy. We’re eager to focus on these priorities, especially after what we’ve all seen during the last four years. We feel more of an urgency and responsibility to do this kind of work as we move toward our next 15 years

From a cultural standpoint, Advomatic is perfect fit with how we work with our clients, one another, and the industry as a whole. We both emphasize collaboration and transparency, and we refuse to cut corners when it comes to our clients’ digital projects. In these ways, we’re twins—so much so we nicknamed this “Project Gemini” as our plans to merge initially came together!

As Sarah Durham, CEO of Advomatic, told me, “The magic here is we’re not just great agencies. But we are both agencies that are very values-driven and very values-aligned. We approach our client relationships with a lot of collaboration and an eye for doing it right.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Furthering our commitment to long-term support

Four Kitchens is committed to providing long-term support for our clients. Since 2014, our Support and Continuous Improvement plan has helped organizations grow their website or app after launch

Merging with Advomatic enables us to expand our support capabilities because of the strength of their Continuous Care program. While similar to ours, Advomatic’s approach constitutes a larger proportion of the company’s overall time and revenue. We look forward to integrating many of their practices to create an industry-leading support program

That’s just one example of how we will apply Advomatic’s expertise and innovation to deliver better service to our clients.

The magic here is we’re not just great agencies. But we are both agencies that are very values-driven and very values-aligned.

Expanding our services and capabilities

In 2006, Four Kitchens began as a Drupal development shop. Now, we offer a full suite of services in digital strategy, UX design, and design systems like Emulsify. We’ve done a lot in 15 years, but we’ve never been part of a merger

Advomatic allows us to grow in a direction that feels natural. Combining forces means we can expand what we offer in a way that’s consistent with our longtime values and priorities

This merger represents another development we’re excited about: Advomatic’s breadth of WordPress experience. Although we are proud WordPress VIP partners, we haven’t done as much WordPress work as we’d like. This merger allows us to expand our reach into other open-source communities and technologies

Advomatic is a great team and a fantastically well-run organization. There are so many reasons why they’re successful, and we don’t want to interfere. Rather, we want to better learn from Advomatic, adapt what’s working for both teams, and let the best ideas win. By this time next year, we’ll be greater than the sum of our parts

For now, continuity and low-impact adjustment is our strategy for merging with Advomatic. But as our teams begin coming together to serve our client needs, we can’t wait to show you what we can accomplish together.