Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world by setting knowledge free. We achieve this mission by working with open-source software, engaging free-culture communities, and choosing projects that further the spread of knowledge and ideas.

Our Purpose

We want to build a company that we would want to work for—a company that respects and empowers its team, where people are happy, challenged by their work, and inspired to improve. A company where everyone has a say in its mission, values, purpose, and goals. A company that helps its clients succeed. A company where we make things and give back to our communities.

Our Values

The Way of the Web Chef

Be transparent, generous, and humble. Web Chefs are driven by a strong sense of ethics and openness. We communicate early and often, and our work is fully transparent to our clients. We constantly learn and teach, and we celebrate the successes of our clients and our team.

Take the initiative and own the outcome. Web Chefs are empowered to come up with great ideas, implement them, and be accountable for the results. By allowing ourselves freedom to experiment, we build better solutions.

Empathize. Web Chefs create solutions from a human perspective. Collaboration between ourselves, our clients, and their audiences allows us to fully understand people’s goals and needs.

Always improve. Web Chefs embrace change. We iterate upon our methods and workflows to ensure we remain industry leaders, and we work with you to refine project goals as your audience and organization change.

Embrace open source. Web Chefs love open source, and we contribute our knowledge back to the community to create a more open and collaborative web. Sometimes, our contributions take the form of products, while other times, we share our knowledge through professional training or consulting workshops.